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James Brooks

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08/15/14 02:06 PM #1    

Billy Arnold

You know James we really didn't know each other in school, it was  either the tenth or twentieth reunion when I last saw you.   It was kind of strange how we got to talking, you just seemed like a new person.  You were more confident, outgoing and you were smiling and so happy to be back at your class reunion.  By your own admission you told me you never were really happy in school but also by your own admission you were really happy to be at the reunion.   You explained how you never felt like you belonged in school and you weren't sure anybody would even remember who you were.  But you and you wife were really happy in life and, y'all had a new child and you had started you own business and were being successful and you were so happy.  We had a great talk and we exchanged addresses and phone numbers.  You lived down by Houston and I explained my wife was from the Galveston area and I promised I would call and stop by to see you own our way to her relatives house.  I went away from that reunion with a new friend, one that excited me because of his enthusiasm for life and his love for his new family.  I was dismayed and shocked when I heard from your wonderful wife shortly after the reunion that you had passed away.  You wife explained that you had loved the reunion and renewal of old friendships, she was so very thoughtful.  I feel almost ashamed but yet thankful that God has allowed me to live this long.  I don't understand why he took you so early, I am sure he had his reasons.  But you made a difference in my life that one single night, you showed me that impressinons and attitudes can be uplifting and life changing.  I went away from our meeting inspired by your new you and I went away from the news of your death with a new me.  You never knew it but you help me appreciate life more at that time than I had ever done before.  

Thanks you James Brooks.

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