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Don Steward

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06/01/14 01:53 PM #1    

Billy Arnold

Don, Bull, Wild one, man you had a different name everyday with your different demeanors.  But you could always count on you to lift people and make everyone feel so important because you were always happy to see your friends and there were many.  Course sometimes you were a little rough and rambunctious, but that was "The Bull".  

You were always loud, but so was everyone in your family.  I never forget eating at your house sometimes sitting at the table and it really appeared that everyone there was deaf.   I mean you were all screaming at each other, pass me the potatoes, pass me the beans, pass me the corn so I always knew where you got your rambunctious approach to life.  I played on your dads pony league baseball team with you for two years and y'alls screaming back and forth with each other with no malice prepared me for the coaching I encountered later.  It's for sure your nick name "Bull" was well deserved.   

Bull remember the day at your house you got mad ant me for something  I did and I jumped on your bike to get away from you and you chased me almost to Haltom Rd. where I jumped off the bike and kept running, I thought you were going to kill me the next day at school,   I hid from you for a couple hours that day but when you finally walked up behind and said  "Skinny" or "Tooth pick",  {that's what you always called me}, I almost died,  you hugged me and said "if you ever steal my bike again i gonna squash you, Tooth pick" and laugh your butt off.  

And you never failed to come and critique our basketball games, the big one and the little ones, the team and of course mine.  

The last time I saw  you Bull was the day you came to my office after a meeting with some of the guys  at Ron McFarland"s place and I couldn't get away from the office. You came by to see me at my office. You walked in the door and in your larger tham life voice and ask "where skinny?", my secretary quickly hit my phone speaker and said Billy there is a wild big guy here to see you, course I could hear you and you just kept on walking  and said never mind I'll find him.  You did and we talked for probably two hours, two of the best hours of my life.  You knew you were sick and never said a word about it.  

Next time I see you I am gonna get your bike and not give it back, even though " I love you man".


09/30/14 11:14 PM #2    

Judi Williams

Remembering Don:  He was the best!  He was full of laughter and I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone. He loved football, basketball, boxing, fishing, and hunting.  He loved his friends/classmates and his family. He loved studying less; much less!

Soon after he got his football letter sweater and later jacket, he asked me to wear them. He always called me "Williams"; I don't remember him ever calling me Judi but that was just "Don". We dated off and on throughout high school. He appeared tough but he was kind and gentle. One of the greatest things about him was the love he had for his family, especially his mother.  He looked exactly like her too although she was 4'11". His family took a deer hunting trip every year and brought deer steaks home for us.

His family came to our house on Prom night to make pictures. Soon after graduation, my dad invited him to go with us on a weekend fishing trip to Possum Kingdom Lake. That was the last time we saw each other. He stayed in touch by visiting my parents. Even after I moved to OKC, he called me when he had a flight into OKC. Our conversations were such fun, he caught me up on everyone he was still in touch with there. The last time we talked was after one of the renions. He called my home and we talked for 4 hours. He had his own business then and filled me in on the details laughing throughout the entire conversation even when he told me about some of the problems. I never heard from him after that and often wondered why; I didn't know how to contact him. Then I learned he had passed away.

Good - Great "Bull" memories ~ How I would enjoy another conversation with him.

10/01/14 02:22 PM #3    

Jay Thompson (Thompson)

Thanks Billy and Judi for your postings about our friend Don.  I had many great times with Bull playing football and being a volunteer in the Haltom City Fire Department.  Don would get mad at football practice, come in and throw all of his equipment in the floor to show he was quitting.  Serveral of us would pick up his equipment and put it in the locker; and sure enough Don would thank us the next day when he wanted to come back.  Don and his family were the ones who got about a dozen of us involved in the fire department.  We had a blast with the firemen and all the tricks they would play on us, young guys!  

There was never an issue or time when one had to wonder 'what side of the fence' Don was on.  I wish more were like him.  We still miss him.


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