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Lynn Carson

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06/04/14 04:55 PM #1    

Billy Arnold

Well dude, it's almost our 50th high school reunion and you're not going to be here. What is the deal?  I know we weren't great friends in high school; but we were in the last few years.   Traveling with our wives on a cruise, going to see Coach Hardin in Fredricksberg and staying in the top guest house on the LBJ  ranch.  We got first class accomadations at the big time President of some banker and played golf with him. You know the husband of the beautiful Judy Hydnman, our class mate at HHS.

The summer vacation we had with you and Pam, Fred & Chris Jackson,  Rhojean and me in our small little house in Angel Fire. We playrf golf, watched the bears. Hey, the only thing that would have made it better would have been  me beating you at golf. However, at your worst we know that  would have never happened. Seriously, even with cancer problems and a steel rod in your leg you were better than most golfers I had ever seen.

Got a bone to pick with you! Wait a minute now, before you get pissed off at me. You were a little ugly to some of our "West Birdville Cronies". I know you expected more than just coming round at the last.  You gotta realize they meant well.  Maybe just poor judgement. Kinda like you throwing behind the runner.  You know better than to throw to second when the runner was still two feet away from second and your short stop  hasn't even broken to second base.  

You know I did try to get you guys to come to UT. I had Luther Scarborough, a former All-American pitcher, come and watch you and Eddie. UT could only offer a half scholarship.  There were just too many guys who would come and pay their own way just to play for Bibb Falk.

Miss you Dude! I miss your frankness of calling an ace and ace and a spade a spade.  I miss your keen whit and your quick hateful comeback when somebody pulls one over on you.

I loved the fact that you took it like a man, not just cancer, but your responsibilities at work, & at home to your wife and your ups and downs in life.   I love the fact that you took every challenge head on and when you got knocked down you got back up.  You know some people believed that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth; well, you worked for it and good for you.  

Just like I told you the day before you passed away; scared to death when I said these words,  "I love you buddy" and to my total surprise you looked me straight in the eyes and said "I love you too Billy".

Now for the last time, don't throw behind the runner, keep it in front of him.


06/05/14 09:34 AM #2    

Jim Hardin

Good job Billy.  I was always impressed with his buring "speed", and kid him about the throw to second should have one or no bounch istead of two.  He's the kind that makes coaching worthwhile.

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